On The Bug

Contemplating the history of The Bug is a slice through underground UK noise music; a root through my electronic upbringing. Techno Animal, ICE, GOD, Curse of the Golden Vampire. 18 odd albums, 40 plus EPs and countless live shows. Dub, Noise, Jazz, Techno. Eight minutes don’t serve that output.

Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies

G.G. Allin was a musician and performance artist who was the human embodiment of everything dangerous, threatening, and unwholesome about punk rock, with absolutely none of its redeeming qualities. A true folk anti-hero. A bit of a cunt.

I was given a VHS copy of Hated back in the day and have always kept a copy since. It’s one of those films that you have to show people just to freak them, to show them what fucked up really means. But also, as a reminder of how to not give a fuck. Hated is a chronicle of his last tour, on the run from the cops, naked and high.

SPOILER ALERT: He dies in the end.

Black Pus live on WFMU

Black Pus is Brian Chippendale, who rose to prominence as the drummer of noise rock titans Lightning Bolt and Mindflayer. The first Black Pus CD-R was self released in early 2006, and was a collection of ferocious free jazz, multi-tracked on Chippendale’s cassette four-track. Enamored of the control of recording solo, Chippendale followed with more CD-Rs, and began playing live under the Black Pus moniker. He refined the Black Pus sound over numerous self-released CDs and 2011’s Primordial Pus on Load Records, replacing the saxophone with a drum-mounted oscillator and experimenting with pop structures. As a vocalist for Lightning Bolt and Mindflayer, Chippendale eschews the usual microphone stand and conventional microphone, instead using a contact microphone. This microphone is then run through an effects processor to alter the sound further. Chippendale often warbles or makes nonsensical sounds into the microphone, so the vocals typically come out extremely distorted and incomprehensible, in a style almost identical to Jap prog noisers Ruins.

VICTIM! – Trauma #7

Trauma #7

VICTIM!  (Cadu Tenório) is a project totally dedicated to Noise, with Death Industrial and PE influences. Using contact microphones, field recordings, sound collages, founding objects percussion, synths, well processed violins and vocals that go beyond the outflow. The main purpose of the project is to reach for the claustrophobic and suffocating ambiences through a dark sound with some pinchs of high violence.… Continue Reading

Durlin Lurt – Trash

Durlin Lurt – Trash

Very little information is available beyond some blurb from the label…

The 2008 cult classic from Durlin Lurt now has a home. Sounding more fun and filthier than ever, the conceptual work spans the alphabet (twenty six tracks, with many familiar guest features) sampling you-know-who through an experimental hip-hop lens that is unique and absurdly organic. 

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Interview with Walter Gross

Super fascinating interview, if a bit short, with the scene beast and (don’t get sick on yourself) multi-media artist Walter Gross talking Small But Hard crew about his struggles and thoughts.

My name is Walter Gross. I am from Maryland; a little town outside Baltimore called Glen Burnie, a kinda stoner, white-trash sorta town. They call the kids there Glenburnouts. And now I live in Los Angeles, which is pretty much the same thing…